Our new corona virus air purifier is a true ALLROUNDER!

It filters 99.998% of all viruses, fungi, bacteria and allergens from the room air and then completely kills them with permanent UV-C radiation.

It ionizes compartment air and therefore making it more difficult for the virus to spread via aerosols.

It also filters all odors and harmful vapors from the air using an additional activated carbon filter.

An integrated air humidifier ensures pleasant room air.

Ionization, UV-C radiation and air humidification can be switched on or off individually. The circulation speed can also be selected.

In automatic mode, the air purifier fights impurities in the air with all functions at the same time.

We would be happy to advise you competently and in detail by e-mail and, of course, by telephone.

Your Buehler Instruments team

Download: AirCare-H14-Luftreinigungsgerat_07_22_e.pdf