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The ACCU-FOX cast cutter is an oscillating, battery-powered plaster cutter appropriate for cutting normal Plaster of Paris bandages and rigid casting bandages.

Thanks to its power supply from the accumulator you’re not bound to a mains socket and therefore the product can be easily used on the ward.

The very lightweight,very small, easy manageable saw handpiece of this battery-powered plaster saw oscillates very quiet and allows a manipulation with one hand only. Children and elderly persons like these beneficial characteristics very much.

The cutting of Plaster of Paris or casting materials is done by a continuous sawing of the oscillating saw blade in cutting direction. Stringing together a series of cuts is not necessary.

You may use your second and free hand to gently hold the cast. There is no need to use your second hand to hold the much bigger and heavier standard oscillating plaster saw.

The flexible spiral cable allows relaxed handling and a high degree of mobility of the light weight, small and manoeuvrable ACCU-FOX oscillating saw handpiece.

The saw blade of the accumulator driven ACCU-FOX cast cutter is of a full circle shape and therefore avoids giving the impression of a threatening aspect of a circular saw-blade.

The geometry of saw blade of the ACCU-FOX reduces the part of airborne dust and creates mainly a granulate i.e. particles with a superior weight.

The design of the ACCU-FOX with its motor allows to work without a cooling fan. No turbulences arise from the cooling fan and avoid the danger of breathing small airborne dust particles.

The geometry of the saw-blade and the special mouvement of the oscillation allow a continous forward motion that can be performed without applying pressure onto the saw-blade. This movement helps reducing the warming up of the saw blade.

A good manoeuvrability and the light weight of the saw handpiece of 400 gr only help to avoid the fatigue of the user.

This ACCU-FOX cast cutter was designed for the requirements of patients and users.

The important advantages of the battery-powered ACCU-FOX cast cutter are: being silent, light weight, being very handy and being battery-powered.

For desinfection wipe the surface of the housing of the saw hand-piece with a 70% alcohol solution.

The product comes ready to use in a case with its accessories. The weight is 2.6 kg.