Accessories for your Berchtold Electrotom 80_80B


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Information about ELECTROTOM 80B from Berchtold and ELECTROTOM 80 from Berchtold

For maxillofacial surgeon, ENT specialist, gynecologist, dermatologist, dentist etc.

The ELECTROTOM 80 and ELECTROTOM 80B electrosurgical units from Berchtold are two high frequency surgical generators comparable to larger models in function and features. The high frequency output of 80W enables most electrosurgical techniques to be applied in private practices and clinical outpatient departments.


Convenient operation

  • Several currents of different characteristics guarantee the generator’s universal application. In addition to unmodulated current for smooth incision and contact coagulation, a weakly modulated current is available for cutting with formation of scab, along with strongly modulated current and high crest factor for spray coagulation or for coagulation with cutting electrodes.
  • Clearly arranged control elements, signal lamps and acoustic signals of different radiofrequencies facilitate adjustment and operation of the unit.
  • The operating surgeon has the option of activating the various types of current with either the double foot pedal switch or remote manual control via the double finger switch located on the electrode handle.
  • By pressing a push button switch equiped with indicator lamp, the unit can be switched from modulated to unmodulated current.
  • A rotary potentiometer provides continously adjustable intensity control, which can
    be easily set and reproduced when needed.


Unit safety

  • The neutral electrode is connected via a safety circuit.
  • Visual and acoustic signals indicate each power output.
  • When switching to undulatory current, a compensating circuit prevents uncontrolled modification of intensity control. A unique range of features distinguishes this unit as the top model of its class.
  • With bipolar coagulation as a further possibility of application, the operating surgeon is able to work within a precisely defined region. The special of the bipolar instrument prevents unintended spreading to neighboring areas of tissue or nerve tracts.
  • Options for switching on current for bipolar coagulation are offered by the Berchtold BI-CO-MATIC manual or single foot pedal switch.
  • Clearly designated connections for cables and foot pedal switches prevent possible operating errors.
  • The MICRO-MACRO circuit enables highly accurate power settings by providing power ranges with max. 30W or max. 80W output.
  • All control elements and safety features listed for the ELECTROTOM 80 are also provided in the same form for the ELECTROTOM 80B.


Berchtold BI-CO-MATIC

When both tips of the forceps are in contact with tissue, the high frequency generator is activated by the Berchtold BI-CO-MATIC circuit. After a specified delay period, current slowly increases, thus compensating the decreasing tissue resistance in the beginning stages of coagulation. In this manner, excessive current flow and the resulting “stick effect” of the electrodes is eliminated to a great degree.