Accessories for your Berchtold Electrotom 70D


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Information about ELECTROTOM 70D from Berchtold 

For dentist and maxillofacial surgeon 

The ELECTROTOM 70D from Berchtold is a high-frequency surgical device for paradontal treatment in clinics and physician’s offices.

The ELECTROTOM 70 D electro-surgery device from Berchtold has been specially developed for paradontal treatment in dental clinics and specialist practices.


Safe operation

  • The clear arrangement of all operating elements on the front in the operator’s field of view and clear marking with functional symbols ensure very simple handling.
  • The high frequency current can be activated either by means of a finger switch from an electrode handle or by means of a single-pedal foot switch.
  • A handle developed specially for the dental sector with a well-placed finger switch considerably facilitates operation in the area of the mouth.
  • The power is set using a potentiometer which allows fine control of HF power.
  • The BERCHTOLD automatic power control provides the correct output for different cutting depths and electrodes.
  • The special power curve of the Electrotom 70D from Berchtold allows monoterminal operation, i.e. a neutral electrode is not necessary.


Maximum equipment safety

  • The neutral electrode connection is connected with the earth potential via a capacitor on the high-frequency side, so that the device can be used mono-terminally (without a neutral electrode) in a dental patient treatment unit.
  • Optical and acoustic signals provide the doctor with information whilst HF power is being used.


Particular uses

  • Gingivectomies
  • Gingivoplastic surgery
  • Exposure of teeth and roots
  • Sulcus extension
  • Open curettage
  • Tumour resection
  • Removal of hyperplasias
  • Haemostasis of oral vessels and capillaries


The BERCHTOLD automatic power control

Any treatment on the gums requires accurate control of the electrical heat capacity applied. A clean, unscabbed cut provides the best healing prospects. The BERCHTOLD automatic power control compensates for varying cut depths and different types of electrodes, thus providing the required cutting quality. 

If the automatic power control is activated, this is indicated by an illuminated switch and the manual intensity control becomes ineffective.


Unmodulated high frequency current

A high frequency current without any modulation provides optimal conditions for a clean electrotomy. The modulation-free, sinusoidal high frequency current minimises spark intensity at the cutting electrode and ensures burn-free incisions.