Accessories for your Berchtold Electrotom 505


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Information about ELECTROTOM 505 from Berchtold

For maxillofacial surgeon, ENT specialist, dermatologist, dentist etc.

The ELECTROTOM 505 from Berchtold is a compact and powerful, but affordable unit for monopolar and bipolar operative techniques.


Versatile applicability

The high frequency generator ELECTROTOM 505 from Berchtold provides three currents of different characteristics:

  • unmodulated high frequency current for smooth incisions and contact coagulation,
  • strongly modulated high frequency current for spray coagulation (fulguration) and coagulation with cutting electrodes,
  • low-resistance current, especially for bipolar coagulation.


Safe operation

  • All controls are clearly arranged on the front panel and designated with universal symbols, ensuring easy operation.
  • The high frequency current can be activated either with a single foot pedal switch or by remote manual control via a finger switch mounted on the electrode handle.
  • Intensity control is effected via a rotary potentiometer, which enables exact power and reproducible output settings.
  • All control elements are located on the front panel of the unit, within view of the operating surgeon.
  • The specially designed power characteristics render the use of a neutral electrode unnecessary for certain operations with small and medium-size electrodes (monoterminal method).


Highest unit safety standards

  • Clearly designated connections for cables and foot pedal switches facilitate operation and prevent possible operating errors.
  • The activation of the high frequency generator is signalized by indicator lamp and acoustic signal.


ELECTROTOM 505 from Berchtold equipped for spray coagulation.


The ELECTROTOM 505 from Berchtold distinguished by its wide range of applicability.


In addition to cutting and coagulation characteristics, the unit is equipped with a special-purpose adaption for spray coagulation.


The ELECTROTOM 505 from Berchtold is a perfect complement to the larger generator systems.